Zenith MUN 2017

A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark

Zenith MUN 2017

Message from the Secretary General

Honourable delegates, advisors and members of the press,

Welcome to the sixth annual edition of Zenith Model United Nations Conference, 2016. It’s an honour and privilege to be serving as this year’s Secretary General. This conference was conceived by the Economics Society of Miranda House in 2012 and has since, seen the finest young women of Miranda House come together and organise an unparalleled conference to define its intended character

Our conference aims to help each participant realise their true potential, to look beyond classroom textbooks and presentations, and to provide an environment to help a beginner as well as an experienced delegate broaden their understanding and critique of the larger social, cultural, security and political complications.

This sixth edition will be a simulation of five committees. We bring to you, the UN Security Council, the All India Political Party Meet and the Indo-China Bilateral Meet. We are also immensely proud of our flagship committee, i.e., the UN Commission on the Status of Women which seeks to discuss issues of gender and empowerment. We are also looking forward to a committee which remains largely unexplored in the Delhi MUN Circuit, the Review meet on the UN Convention on Laws of the Sea

We warmly invite and encourage you to engage in a fruitful discussion, push forward stirring debates and discover the importance of this meet. We also hope that each participant does due research and is well versed in their topic so that each committee witnesses a higher number of placards in the air and a hitherto unseen standard of diplomacy and debate.

We wish everyone the best of luck in their spade work and are eagerly waiting to host another successful edition at Miranda House.

Best Regards,

Aastha Vidyasagar

Secretary General

Zenith Model United Nations Conference, 2017