Zenith MUN 2017

A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark

Indo-China Bilateral Meet

Agenda:Strengthening bilateral relations between India and China with special emphasis on recent developments in South China Sea and Nuclear suppliers group.


India and China are perhaps two of the most dynamic players in the global community. Sharing much more than a border, these neighboring nations have a vibrant past that has greatly influenced political history of the region and subsequently, that of the world. Their bilateral relations encompass financial dialogues, cultural exchanges, defense relations and several other dimensions. Given the meteoric rise of the two countries and the growing complexity of this association, the Indo-China Bilateral Meet aims at strengthening the ties and attempting to arrive at a consensus regarding some of the pressing concerns that have been voiced by both nations. The committee promises to engage delegates in lively debate to seek methods that will enhance functional cooperation between India and China on matters that have previously caused disagreements between the countries.

Executive Board

Chairperson: Ravish Rana
Vice-Chairperson: Kumar Ritwik